Augmented Reality


This assignment is inquiry into the essence of what design and being a designer means. Lacking any specific constraints as to the assignment's deliverables, in this project I explored the use of a charades style game as a teaching tool for the AEIOU framework. The game employs principles of collaboration, process, and craft, central to my interpretation of the essence of design.

4 weeks
Adobe Aero, Illustrator, Foam core modeling
Design Principles and Practices


A Game of Charades

Having been introduced to the AEIOU framework of qualitative design research, I designed a playful introduction to the principles of the AEIOU framework for non-designers.

The game involves five players, each representing a specific category of the framework: Activities, Environments, Interactions, Objects, and Users. Having scanned their respective QR code, each player would be shown a unique prompt pertaining to the category.

Using principles of a game of charades, the players would act out their unique prompts for their teammates to guess. Once all the players have completed their turns, the team must vote on the unifying subject of the game.


The AEIOU game is an attempt at communicating a design framework to non-designers. By reversing the AEIOU framework, the players become better acquainted to the differences of each category within the framework. This interactive game is a reflection of my essence of design. The collaborative nature of design plays an important role in the game's experience. The game introduces qualitative research principles to non-designers. The mixed media approach to designing this game highlights the importance of craft in design.

Can you guess the subject of this game?